1. August 1, 2012

    四大名捕 | The Four (2012)

    Where do I begin?  Walked away wholly satifised by this film (as to be expected of someone who was hyping over it since a month ago).  I loved it to pieces even though story-wise it has its weak points. But hey, I am a creature of simple delights.  The action scenes were almost all incredible — full, frenetic, and writhing with stylistic aesthetic.

    The CG was fairly impressive, too!  I didn’t like the airy, physics-flouting jumps but I guess that’s a kind of unavoidable tradition with these kinds of films.  It’s obvious the action bits take leverage over the story however, and a lot of the plot is rushed or merely gleamed over before moving on entirely.

    BUT BUT BUT… the characters. Oh man, how I enjoyed the characters and, in particular, Lord An Shigeng (in red in the last image) who’s the “bad guy” in this.  I went in expecting to gnaw my knuckles over Deng Chao’s “Coldblooded” but no.  Nooo.  Every time the relentlessly evil yet joke-y, quirky An Shigeng showed up on screen, both my mom and I actually fell silent to hear and watch him giggle about, relishing in his massive superiority complex.  This dude is orchestrating chaos and utterly enjoying himself in the process. Brilliant character, absolutely.

    All of the characters were great really.  And in the lovely, dusty ” urban” settings — I guess urban, it’s set in the Song Dynasty, so urban in the sense of a tenth century Chinese city — it’s definitely a movie to give a go if you like fast-paced choreography and neat characters!  I am DYING to get it on blu-ray now.

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