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    March 8, 2012

    My For Something Unwelcome accordion book in its final form!  I’m actually most impressed with the fact that it stands on its own without any issues.  That is my wow factor.

    It’s 7 inches tall and about 24 inches wide when completely unfolded.  The pink halftone gradient on the back is printed but the creature there (Pinq, so punny) is hand-drawn as is the rest of the book.

    I want to make more.  You guys should give me money and let me make an edition for you, yeahyeahyeah? X] 

    1. lilyscribbles said: Whoa, WHOA man! This came out magnificent! I’d love to see accordions for yer other comic characters (Hi5 and Pseudo Dragon especially). Anyway, I’d totally pay for it, dude!
    2. perhaps-gingersnaps said: that is freaking awesome!!! OH MAN. HOW MUCH WOULD THIS COST?! :]]
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